Nmap – Timing & Performance

Options which take <time> are in seconds, or append ‘ms’ (milliseconds),
‘s’ (seconds), ‘m’ (minutes), or ‘h’ (hours) to the value (e.g. 30m).
-T<0-5>: Set timing template (higher is faster)
–min-hostgroup/max-hostgroup <size>: Parallel host scan group sizes
–min-parallelism/max-parallelism <numprobes>: Probe parallelization
–min-rtt-timeout/max-rtt-timeout/initial-rtt-timeout <time>: Specifies
probe round trip time.
–max-retries <tries>: Caps number of port scan probe retransmissions.
–host-timeout <time>: Give up on target after this long
–scan-delay/–max-scan-delay <time>: Adjust delay between probes
–min-rate <number>: Send packets no slower than <number> per second
–max-rate <number>: Send packets no faster than <number> per second

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