Nmap – Firewall / IDS Evasion and Spoofing

-f; –mtu <val>: fragment packets (optionally w/given MTU)
-D <decoy1,decoy2[,ME],…>: Cloak a scan with decoys
-S <IP_Address>: Spoof source address
-e <iface>: Use specified interface
-g/–source-port <portnum>: Use given port number
–proxies <url1,[url2],…>: Relay connections through HTTP/SOCKS4 proxies
–data-length <num>: Append random data to sent packets
–ip-options <options>: Send packets with specified ip options
–ttl <val>: Set IP time-to-live field
–spoof-mac <mac address/prefix/vendor name>: Spoof your MAC address
–badsum: Send packets with a bogus TCP/UDP/SCTP checksum

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