Europes Dirty Drugs Secret

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Stacey Dooley Investigates

In the third and final programme of this three-part series investigating the new frontlines of the global war on drugs, Stacey Dooley travels to Ukraine on Europe’s eastern edge, to find out about the struggle to keep drugs out of the UK.

Stacey reveals how South American drug cartels have been using Ukraine as a transit hub to smuggle cocaine into Western Europe. To uncover why shipments are taking this 2,000 mile detour, Stacey visits the Port of Odessa on Ukraine’s Black Sea Coast where officials show her the tricks traffickers use to hide drugs within cargos – inside anything from industrial furnaces to hollowed pineapples. She also hears from a port worker and a former drug trafficker who tells her that Ukrainian officials are notoriously open to bribes to help get cargos through.

Stacey also discovers that because the drugs smuggled into Ukraine are too expensive for most local drug users, some are resorting to horrific homemade substitutes. Perhaps the worst is ‘crocodile’, so called because it rots the flesh of its users, turning it scaly. She meets some young addicts as they make a batch from bleach, petrol and tablets bought in the chemist. Learning they have only months to live, Stacey is also shocked to hear that police have recently found ‘crocodile’ in the UK.


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