Did The Simpsons Predict The World Cup Final?

The Simpsons get everything right, don’t they?

From Trump’s unlikely presidency to Fox’s acquisition of Dinsey, the writers have been scarily clairvoyant over the years so it’s little surprise that a clip from an old episode predicting a Portugal v Mexico World Cup final is doing the rounds online.

2018 06 27 18 18 19 - Did The Simpsons Predict The World Cup Final?
Did The Simpsons Predict The World Cup Final?

Of course, correctly predicting the result of a famous sporting event is nothing new for The Simpsons. In 2010, the season 12 episode”Boy Meets Curl”, sees Team US beat Sweden in the Winter Olympics curling final to win gold. This sort of (The Simpsons predicted a mixed doubles victory) occurred 8 years later when the US men’s team won gold against Sweden in the 2018 Winter Olympics curling final.

So does this spell good news for Mexico and Portugal fans? The episode in question aired in 1997 and was titled “The Cartridge Family”, and while there is no mention of the date, a Portuguese journalist seems to agree that the clues are pointing to a landmark World Cup title.

Writing for the Portuguese newspaper Eco, the journalist wrote, “There seems to be a reference to the scandal that recently plagued the Mexican team who allegedly partied with several women before the beginning of the tournament.”

Other events the show predicted include the global horse-meat scandal and the Ebola outbreak, and with both Mexico and Portugal progressing to the last 16 of the tournament, this latest prediction might be their best yet.

Watch this space.