Cannabis Medical Certificate

The Only Marijuana College with a Complete Curriculum that Covers ALL Areas of the Industry!

ctu medical certificate - Cannabis Medical Certificate
Cannabis Medical Certificate

This is an exciting time for the medical marijuana industry. Many areas of the USA, Canada, and around the world, are reforming their marijuana laws, leaving a massive opportunity for qualified marijuana professionals. Now thanks to CTU, no matter where you live – you can get in on the ground floor with expert cannabis training. As the world’s largest and leading online marijuana school, we offer a complete curriculum for all skill levels.

The Best Just Got Better With More Premium Content Than Any Other Cannabis College

We’ve added over 15 hours of new video footage to keep you at the forefront of cannabis education. Go inside some of the industry’s leading grow operations and extraction labs and get real industry insight from the world’s top growers, budtenders, extraction technicians, and doctors.

Earn Your Master of Marijuana Certification Online for $249

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